On-Site Medical Director

Having an on-site medical doctor is extremely advantageous to any senior living community. At MediLodge of Holland, we are proud to provide our residents with a full-time on-site doctor. This is great for the elderly as they will be able to be seen by a doctor quickly and will not have to take many steps to get directly to their care.

Advantages of having an on-site medical doctor:

There is a myriad of benefits of having an on-site medical doctor for the elderly. One significant advantage is the time needed to receive medical treatment. An on-site doctor is much safer and more effective for getting our residents back to top health in no time. Residents can walk down the hall and have a visit with our medical staff. This removes the added steps of having to make an appointment with an outside provider and spending the time to go there time after time. This also helps to build a stronger relationship between our residents and medical staff. Residents know that they have access to see our doctor at any time for any reason. This provides them with an overarching feeling of safety and comfort. They know who they are being seen by each time and will begin to have a more personal relationship. This is an outstanding advantage to on-site care as the residents develop more trusting relationships with their caregiver and will take what he or she says to heart.

Information is key:

Information is another significant advantage of having an on-site medical doctor. Resident medical reports and information can easily be exchanged between the doctor and other medical staff because they are in the same building. This eliminates the tedious step of having to contact another office to obtain even the smallest record or detail regarding a resident’s health. This helps to effectively treat residents at a much faster rate and bring them back to full health as fast as possible.

At MediLodge of Holland, we pride ourselves on providing our residents with the best healthcare possible. The addition of an on-site medical doctor helps us to keep our residents at their best health. Our goal is to have our residents live their best lives while being comfortable and enjoying every minute. We would love to tell you more about our various medical services and show you why MediLodge of Holland is the best place for you or a loved one!

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